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Singer, Violinist, and Songwriter, Biana, is bringing a remarkably fresh and fiery sound to the music scene. The captivating entertainer has her roots in classical music and at a young age had significant exposure to a variety of genres including Jazz, Rock, Latin, and more. Growing up in a Russian/Ukrainian family surrounded by the Latin flair of Miami, Florida has given Biana a unique voice, creating music that resonates universally. 


Starting her career as a child, Biana was headlining hour-long shows from the ripe age of and opening for legends like George Benson, Phil Collins, and many more. On stage, her charisma brings the heat of Miami with every fiery performance showcasing her stunning voice (with a 4-octave range) and virtuosic violin skills.


Biana’s revolutionary music transcends the boundaries of genre as she forges her own path that connects with individuals from all walks of life fueled by passion, energy, and artistry.

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